Okay, I have now officially missed a week of blogging and had to pick it up.I will try to be better.

A week ago I had the opportunity to serve at Summit Leadership Camp. Below are some of the highlights from the week.
I was really impressed by how the kids did with their memory work. ALL of the students going into 4th-8th grade did their verse cards along with the review. Most of the high school students did as well. It was really exciting to see the younger kids leading the way with their perfect work!
Side note – the kids at the camp wear a bead on a string and a button while they are at camp. At each meal, they check whether the kids all have both of those. The 4th – 8th grade students were also perfect on those for the week 🙂
As a reward for the kids doing their review, a bunch of the leaders got thrown in the pool at the end of the week. It seems like such a little thing, but it was super fun and exciting. Most of the kids in the camp showed up to watch, and everybody was cheering as their leader went into the pool.

My role for the week was to be in charge of crafts. I alternated between calling it the Kraft Kastle (as it was called when I was a camper) and the Kraft Kabin (as it has been called in the past few years). I loved the creativity of some of the students. This was especially true with the painted crafts. It was also true with the shrink plastic.

There was a worship service with a sermon for each age group every evening. My craft workspace was just off of the chapel. I could overhear the sermons while I worked shrinking the shrink plastic. My focus on my work kept me from giving full attention to the teaching, but I heard good things about it.

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