I finished a 5k!!!

I finished a 5k!!!

At the beginning of this year, I set two goals for myself. One was to write this blog. The other was to run a 5k. (For more on that, see my first official post on this blog, https://amydaynow.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/why-a-blog-2016-goals/). This weekend, I accomplished the goal of completing a 5k.

I chose to do a Color Run for a couple of reasons. One is that from what I had heard is that enough people choose to walk it, that it would be okay if I walked part of it too. I also chose a Color Run because I had heard that they are a lot of fun. (They tag themselves as “The Happiest 5k on the Planet”)

Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Dodger Stadium. We chose to pick up our packets there. We were in line a little over half an hour before our official start time of 8 am. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick the check-in line went. The shirt line after that took a little longer than I would have liked, but we were able to pick them up and get changed. We were out by the car, putting our stuff back when the first wave of runners was released onto the course.

The people running the race sent groups of around 50 runners onto the course every couple of minutes. There was music playing, and they were making a point of hyping the crowd, throwing T-shirts to people who were shouting/acting the most excited.


Our group was released to the course about 8:45. Almost immediately the course took a slight uphill. Right after that, I realized that I was already out of breath. Chris could have taken that part (and the entire course) a little bit quicker than I could, but willingly went at my pace. We quickly settled into a pattern of walking on the uphill parts, and then something closer to a jog on the downhill parts.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept of a Color Run, what they do is they throw colored powder (a mix of cornstarch and food dye) at you at intervals along the course. The registration fee includes a t-shirt which is mainly white, to show off the colors when you are done. However, the colors easily come out of any other clothing you desire. (We threw all our stuff into the washing machine right when we got home, ran it on a regular setting, and everything came out without a trace.)

The first color we came to was pink. I was somewhat surprised at how quickly it came. We had already finished a kilometer?  Getting some color kicked in a another wave of adrenaline and excitement. We continued on through the yellow and then the orange zones. As we were continuing on a bit after the orange zone, Chris pointed out the blue zone, which was visible ahead at the end of another loop. You could just see this giant blue cloud.


When we got to the blue zone, we could tell why there had been such a cloud. The blue zone people were really going at it – throwing out blue powder left and right. There was such a layer of blue on the ground that Chris pointed out that one could roll in it. I did.


After the blue zone, there was one final color zone at which all of the colors were present. I took it as an opportunity to get a little bit more pink, since much of that had come off while we were on the course.


We were awarded medals and given extra pouches of colored powder as we crossed the finish line. Then, it was on to the finish festival, complete with free chocolate milk and ice cream.


After that, we headed home. While en route, I Googled how to set the color in place.The most likely thing I found was to spray it with vinegar, and then iron it. I chose to add an additional step of throwing on extra color from our pouches, to make up for most of the color having already fallen off. The vinegar had a very strong smell. Thankfully, the tenants who live in our house offered the use of their ironing board, so I was able to do it outside. In the end, it took me about an hour to do both Chris and I’s shirts.

Overall, my Color Run 5k  experience was fun, and I hope to do it again sometime.


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