I told myself I wouldn’t do this…

I told myself I wouldn’t do this…

I told myself I wouldn’t do this. I wasn’t going to miss a post. It bugs me when content creators that I follow don’t stick to their schedule. Whether it is a missed post or upload, or just posting a day or two late, it bothers me. I feel like they have made a commitment to some particular schedule, and that they should stick to it. So, when I started this blog, I told myself that I was going to stick to my schedule. Every other Tuesday, like clockwork. I was going to think ahead as needed to make sure that I stuck to it. I was not going to miss a post, or post late. But life happens.

I missed a post.I knew yesterday morning that a post was due that day. I also knew that it wasn’t going to happen that day.So, here I am, on Thursday. Writing a post. Late, the way I promised myself I wasn’t going to do.

Life has been crazy the last couple of weeks. In my last post, I talked about my love/hate relationship with shipping projects. (The post should be below for those who haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet.) Well, my project that was supposed to ship is delayed,. Thus, the craziness that is associated with shipping the project isn’t over yet. Right now, it looks like shipping will be a week from Monday. So, hopefully in my next post (which I intend to be on time), I will be able to say that it shipped.

Also in the mix is my big concert that I will be ringing bells in. I had rehearsals this evening and  another one Saturday. I already know that what is being done in Saturday’s rehearsal shouldn’t be humanly possible. The concert brings together three handbell choirs, vocal choirs, piano, organ, and an orchestra. Each of those groups has been practicing individually, and each has practiced with the piano. However, the first that all of the groups come together is the day before the concert. We have done this several times now in previous years, and somehow it always works. It is beautiful to see. Over the past couple of months of rehearsals, we have been imagining the other parts. It is one thing to say, “this is where the choir comes in,” but it is so much better to actually hear the choir come in instead. Then, on Sunday, we get the added component of an audience, and the excitement of the audience always helps me add just a little bit more energy into my performance.

If you are interested in coming, there are still tickets available for the 7 pm performance. (The 3 pm performance is sold out!) More information is available at: http://martene.org/springsation.html. If you mention the code “GoldStar” at the ticket booth, you can get half price tickets!

Well, I think that’s all for now. I’ll be back in two weeks!


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