My Favorite Podcasts!

My Favorite Podcasts!

Over the past few months, I have discovered that there are some pretty cool podcasts. I have a fairly long commute (about an hour to work and an hour ten to an hour twenty coming home). While I enjoy music as well, I have started listening to podcasts during my drive home. With that said, today I would like to share my 5 favorite podcasts.

The Briefing

The Briefing recorded by Albert Mohler. The show’s tagline describes it quite well:”a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview.” Anything that happens, and any story published in a major newspaper, is fair game. Rev. Mohler breaks down the world view behind events/judicial decisions, and discusses the consequences of taking that world view to its full logical conclusion. I enjoy it because it causes me to think. I remember one day not long after I started listening, I saw a news story and I said to Chris (who also listens to the Briefing) “I bet Al Mohler will talk about that”, and sure enough, he did!

Frequency: Daily Monday through Friday

Episode Length: 20~25 min



Many people don’t know this, but I am a gymnastics fan. I discovered GymCastic after randomly searching for gymnastics podcasts shortly before the World Championships last October. Their coverage of that competition blew me away. They released hour and a half long podcasts almost daily, from Glasgow, Scotland (where the competition was held), summarizing the results of that day’s events. They do thorough coverage of US gymnastics, which is not limited to the few major elite meets in the states, but also includes covering collegiate gymnastics meets and telling whatever news they can find about the elite training camps. (For non-gymnastics fans, elite gymnasts are the ones who are trying for the Olympics this summer). GymCastic also covers international gymnastics. This includes countries in the “Big Four” – US, Russia, Romania, China – as well as gymnasts from countries not as well known, such as the Netherlands (even before they shocked everyone by making the team final at worlds this year). They also often interview gymnasts to get their perspectives.

Frequency: Weekly on Wednesdays, with extra episodes around major meets.

Episode Length: 1-1/2 hours


The Blimey Cow Podcast

I have been a fan of Blimey Cow’s YouTube videos (Messy Mondays) for a couple of years at least. A discussion of their videos is a topic for a different post. I naturally gravitated towards their podcast as well. The podcast varies in topic, but often includes non-spoiler discussions of upcoming Messy Monday videos. They also play games, such as random trivia and Hashtag Hashtag (where they pick random hashtags and then read tweets containing those hashtags from Twitter).

Frequency: Every other Friday

Episode Length: around half an hour

Website: The Blimey Cow website ( is down, but I will also do a quick plug for their videos here (, which are published weekly on Mondays.

Dear Future Josh

Josh from the aforementioned Blimey Cow has a podcast of his own titled “Dear Future Josh.” In it, he discusses topics related to content creation and self employment (and whatever else is going in his life that he decides to talk about). In part, I have to give some credit to this podcast in my decision to start a blog. His two greatest pieces of advise about starting to release content are consistently: (1) If you want to start, just do it and don’t worry about being perfect at the beginning and (2) Pick a schedule and stick to it consistently.

Frequency: Weekly on Wednesdayish

Episode Length: around half an hour



Serial is sort of a murder mystery series, except based on a real murder case. Several of my coworkers were all into this podcast several months ago. At the time, I heard that the podcast discussed a man being already in jail for the crime, and that the reporter “investigating his case” never really resolved anything proving him either guilty or innocent. Those two items, combined with a then-disinterest in podcasts in general, made it sound uninteresting. I had pretty much forgotten about it, until Blimey Cow did a parody of Serial which I found really fun. I gave the original Serial podcast a try and was hooked after one episode – was this man really guilty, or was he wrongfully convicted? I was several episodes in before I found out it was based on an actual case, and that was only because I saw a news article about the man convicted of the “Serial” crime having a hearing to possibly get a new trial – thanks in large part to questions raised by the podcast over whether his attorney had done a proper job. As I write this, that hearing has concluded but the ruling has not yet been announced. The show is now on Season 2, but I am still in Season 1, which is riveting.

Frequency: It looks like season 2 is being released every other week, but all of season 1 is available.

Episode Length: varies, half an hour to an hour



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